Pension Stella


Pension Stella Studios and Apartments is located in a quite area of Saint George in Naxos Town and just a few metres from the sandy beach of Saint George and offers a comfortable accommodation for your holidays in Naxos Island.

It consists of very spacious, fully furnished single, double studios and apartments with two bedrooms, specially designed for families. They can accommodate from one upto six people.




According to a story of Greek Mythology, Zeus, who was born in Crete, later grew up on Naxos in a cave on the mountain, the Za-cave, which means Zeus.

Zeus fell in love with Semeli, who was the daughter of the king of Thebe.

Just before giving birth, the child died and Zeus, who wanted to save the child, sewed it onto his leg. From there Dionysos was born and grew up on Naxos.

Another story says, that Theseus, coming back from Crete to Athens, stopped on his way in Naxos to cater for food. There he left Ariadne, who he had promised to the God Dionysos, who married her and had children together.

Also special is the myth of Otou and Efialti (the giant Aloades).

When the God Aris killed Adonis, the lover of Aphroditi, the giant Aloades, twin sons of Poseidon, locked him up in a jar for 13 months.

The giant Aloades were very strong and posed a threat for Zeus, who sent them to Naxos to find their mother.

There, with tricks of the goddess Artemis, they killed each other.

They are the protectors of the constructor quarries in Naxos because of their enormous strength.


  • Air conditioning
  • Wireless internet connection in public areas
  • Free transportation
  • Ballroom


The modernization of the company was supported within the framework of the Operational Programme "Digital Convergence". Co-financed by Greece and the European Union